Watermelon Radish Chips

Fry the watermelon radish the same way you would fry potato chips. The watermelon radish chips are crispy with great texture, slightly bitter with a sweet finish.

-Mix together 1 tsp sea salt and ½ tsp ground cumin in a small bowl. Set aside.

-Peel 2 watermelon radishes and thinly slice them. If you have a mandolin, use it so that as the slices will be uniform and cook evenly.

-Heat 2 cups of grapeseed oil in small pot.

-When hot, toss in a handful of the sliced radish, making sure that you don’t crowd the pot.

-Fry for approximately 8-10 minutes until really brown. You’ll be tempted to take them out earlier, but you need them to crisp up.

-Place a paper towel on a plate, take the fried watermelon chips out and place in a single layer—this helps to dry and crisp them up.

-Season with the cumin salt.

-Continue until done. Season each batch separately and set aside.