Helsing Junction Farms Community Supported Agriculture Program Member Agreement

I have read and fully understand the purchase information of what I am have chosen to purchase.  

I understand that the produce varieties and quantities listed are approximations of the produce I will receive and I realize that availability can vary due to weather, disease and other assorted production factors. 

I understand that there is some risk involved in any farming endeavor but I believe that Helsing Junction Farms will do all they can to provide exactly what they are offering. However, if due to weather, pests or some other unforeseeable challenge, we will not hold Helsing Junction Farms accountable for any promises of a certain produce being unavailable. 

I understand that my produce will be donated to someone in need if not picked up during my drop site's pick up hours. 

I understand that if I want to terminate my CSA membership, I will contact Helsing Junction Farm in person by phone or email. Helsing Junction Farms reserves the right to deny a refund and instead to offer a gift certificate in the amount of the refund. 

If Helsing Junction Farms decides to issue me a refund, Helsing Junction Farms reserves the right to subtract any fees that they incurred while processing my initial payment, and that Helsing Junction Farms will incur in giving me the refund. 

I understand that I must make my payments to my account on time. Helsing Junction Farm reserves the right to impose a late fee of $10 or 5%, whichever is greater, on late payments of 30 days or more. If payment is still not made by 60 days, another late fee of $10 or 10%,  whichever is greater, will be added onto my late payment. 

I will give Helsing Junction Farm at least 48 hours prior to the next delivery if I wish to cancel. If I do not give 48 hours notice, my account will be charged for the cost of the share(s) and I waive the right to reschedule delivery. 

For our EBT Members: We can process payments if you have SNAP food benefits. If you only receive cash benefits (allowing you to buy non-food items), then we cannot process your payment.