Olive Oil Crust Tart with Chard and Greens

-Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

-Mix 1¾ cup all purpose flour and ¾ tsp salt in a bowl.

-Stir in ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil and 1/3 cup cold milk or water (I use water).

-The dough will be crumbly and difficult to roll so press it evenly into an 11-inch tart pan, or pie plate.

-Bake until the crust is set and lightly golden, 10-15 minutes, pricking the bottom once or twice if it bubbles.


-Coarsely chop 1 bunch of chard (can sub kale, beet greens, cabbage, leeks, any GREENS) and 2 cloves of garlic.

-Add 2 TBS olive oil to a large skillet and add the chard and garlic.

-Cook until tender, about 8-10 minutes.

-Season with 2 TBS chopped fresh dill, parsley or cilantro, ¼ tsp salt and some freshly ground black pepper.

-Crack 3 large eggs into a large bowl and beat them.

-Add 1/3 cup yogurt and 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese (also good with goat, gorgonzola, blue, etc)

-Stir in the chard and then scrape the mixture into the prepared tart shell, spreading evenly.

-Reduce oven to 375 and bake until filling is golden and firm about 25-35 minutes.

-This tart is great topped with fresh sliced tomatoes.