Creamy Rainbow Chard

Everybody seems to like this old-fashioned favorite!

-Heat the following together:

1/4 cup cream

1 clove of finely chopped garlic

-Until fine bubbles form on the surface and then set it aside.

-Wash a bunch of rainbow chard.

-Chop it up stems and all and cook it over medium heat in a saucepan until it wilts, adding a few drops of water if necessary.

-Squeeze out excess moisture with the back of a spoon and chop the chard finely.

-Melt 3 TBS butter in a skillet. 

-Add the chard and cook until the pan is dry. 

-Pour the cream into the pan and simmer until it thickens slightly. 

-Season with some freshly ground nutmeg, sea salt and black pepper.