Another Salsa Verde

We make green sauce at least once a week and eat it on everything, though it really shines on stir-fry, fish or grilled meat. It’s very simple to make, especially if you have a good micro-planning grater and a decent blender. You can also make this sauce in a food processor, but it doesn’t seem to do as good a job of finely grinding the herbs. You can make salsa verde out of most any herb and it always seems to taste great. This particular recipe would also be fab with green onions substituted for the chives.

-Wash and shake dry 1 bunch of dill and 1 bunch of chives. 

-You can also wash and shake dry 1 bunch of basil if you have it.

-Take the skins off 3-4 cloves of garlic then add them to the bowl of a blender and process.

-Zest 1 lime then juice it. 

-Add to the blender along with the following:

2 TBS olive oil

½ tsp Celtic sea salt

¼ cup cold water

-Leaving the rubber band on the herbs, chop them up stems and all until you get to the very end of the bunch.  

-Add the herbs to the blender in handfuls, processing in between until all are incorporated.

-Let process until a smooth sauce develops.

-Serve fresh only.